Welcome to Burlington Dart League
4Pointer Sisters1761112171

1Slye Fox Hit Men1717034288
2Legion Branch 601714328258
3Clancy's Misfits1712524197
4Shooterville Flying High178916186
5Poacher Dutchmen1771014152
6Slye Fox Mad Dogs1761112141
7Poacher Pints173146103
8Black Swan Mugs Away171162103

1Squire Bullshitters1714328236
2Gator Ted's Trips1714328212
3Gator Ted's Tragically Trip1713426215
5Boston Brutes - BP South178916175
6Black Swan Dodgers1751210149
7BP South No Ma'am172154119
8Joe Dogs Burlington Bandits17116274

1Legion Snipers1411322204
2Legion Eh139418165
3Black Swan Black Knights139418155
4Legion Armed & Hammered147714155
5Clancy's Sharp Shooters143116141
6Squire Kings & Queens142124119

1Gator Ted's 26ers1211122178
2Gator Ted's Goons129318150
3Boston Bullseyez117414142
4Poacher Projectile Dysfunction126612129
5BP South Flames1037696
6Shooterville Top Shooters12210494
7Black Bull Magic1129493

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Upcoming Events
Mixed Doubles 301
@ Legion
Mon Feb 24, 7:30 PM
More Info   
Ladies Doubles 501
@ Legion
Tue Feb 25, 7:30 PM
More Info   
Men's Doubles 501
@ Legion
Wed Feb 26, 7:30 PM
More Info   

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